Ying dalam BoBoiBoy Galaxy


Ying is one of the main characters in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.


  • Slow-Mo Speed (Kuasa Slow-Mo)
  • Running Speed (Larian Laju)

These is an ability as she uses while driving her vehicle:

  • Accelerated Dash (Pecutan Laju)

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy GalaxyEdit

She wears a yellow and orange shirt with horizontal light blue and white stripes on the two long sleeves, dark blue-colored jeans, blue and yellow watch, a pair of white socks, yellow and orange shoes and a yellow and light blue hat with a domo badge. Furthermore, she has a pair of blue, round glasses.


Ying is kind to all of her friends. Aside from that, she is a fast-talker and a shy girl. She is also sensitive.


  • Yaya said she is the only one who could beat the creator of the Papa Zola No.5 video game, proving she's an excellent gamer.
  • She is probably Chinese because she could speak Mandarin words like "謝謝 (Xièxiè)" which means "Thank you".
  • Her face is probably inspired from one of the director of the series.