Tok Aba
First appearance Unknown
Last appearance Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Character information
Aliases Unknown
Powers Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eye Unknown
Species Human
Family Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown

Tok Aba is a character in BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is BoBoiBoy's grandfather.

Early Life Edit

Prior to the events of the series, Tok Aba supposedly got married to an unknown and unseen individual. Sometime in their marriage, they had one of BoBoiBoy's parents, who later on had BoBoiBoy. In 1967, he decided to open a Cocoa Shop on Rintis Island.

It is mentioned by Probe that BoBoiBoy didn't meet Tok Aba often, which is why they had difficulty recognizing each other, but they have met. It is implied that BoBoiBoy often spends his vacation with his grandfather.

Story Edit

Tok Aba returns in Galaxy, once again being BoBoiBoy's current caretaker and continuing to manage his shop alongside BoBoiBoy and Ochobot. He witnesses the arrival of Cici Ko and Motobot making drinks to welcome them.

He later bids farewell to BoBoiBoy as his grandson departs on a Galaxy adventure along with TAPOPS . Tok Aba is seen to be continuing his job alone, but is graced by the presence of Papa Zola who teleported home out of homesickness.