Papa Zola
Papa Zola full body BoBoiBoy Galaxy
First appearance BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 1, Episode 5: Leaf VS The Pirates
Last appearance BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 1, Episode 24: Finishing Radition
Voiced by Nizam Razak (Malay, Disney Channel English)
Nurasyikin Abdul Khalit (Screaming Voice)
Character information
Aliases Cikgu Papa, Kebenaran
Powers Wisdom Kick
Gender Male
Age 42
Hair Black
Eye Brown
Species Human
Family Mama Zila (Wife)
Occupation TAPOPS Captain
Hobby Taking selfies

Papa Zola is a legendary superhero in his own self-titled television series. He was pulled out of the game into real world when BoBoiBoy and Gopal was warped out. He has since taken a job working as a teacher at BoBoiBoy's school where he teaches a huge range of subjects in hillarious ways.


BoBoiBoy GalaxyEdit

Since the events of the movie, Papa Zola has presumably continued his job at Rintis Island Primary School. He was there when Koko Ci arrived on Earth. Later he decided that he wished to tag along on BoBoiBoy's adventure, stoawaying on their ship when they left.

Papa Zola later was promoted to TAPOPS Captain, after he managed to defeat a space mosquito from hurting BoBoiBoy, officially joining the team on their adventures.


  • In That Joe Ker? episode, he claims himself as the Kampung Champion in card duels.

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