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This is the fifth episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It is released on TV3 and YouTube at December 23, 2016.

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In Koko Ci's spaceship, MotoBot's glad that he and Koko Ci can finally return to the TAPOPS Space Sation when hearing the spaceship is almost done. Koko Ci agrees with him and says that he will introduce the rest of TAPOPS's members to BoBoiBoy's Team when they return to the station.

Meanwhile in outerspace, the Space Pirate is coming to Earth through his old hook that he've left on Koko Ci's spaceship since the first battle between Pirate Minions and BoBoiBoy in Episode 1. He votes he will find BoBoiBoy and the Power Spheras staying with him.

Back to Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Cocoa Shop, BoBoiBoy ask Ochobot what wrong with his Power Band, but he hasn't known too since they got back from Planet Gurunda. Gopal suggests Ochobot give BoBoiBoy a new one while BoBoiBoy asks him to fix it to do his missions, Yaya and Ying then advises him not to worried about that. Suddenly, Cattus is hungry and Gopal transforms some Tok Aba's stuff into cat foods, but it doesn't like them. Then, the gang decides to go to the jetty to find some fresh fishes.

At the jetty, Papa Zola and Mr. Mat are fishing, and Papa Zola uses Space Pirates's old hook to fish. Then, BoBoiBoy's gang arrive and ask him to give Cattus some fresh fishes, but he denies. Cattus suddenly run at Papa Zola's basket fills up fishes, but it eats basket instead since the basket is made from rattan wood.

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  • Allusion: The part when Papa Zola holds Cattus up in the air is similar to The Lion King.
  • The Nature Element shouldn't be a new element obtained by BoBoiBoy since BoBoiBoy Thorn, the upgraded version of BoBoiBoy Leaf, appears in BoBoiBoy: The Movie, prior to BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
    • Though, when BoBoiBoy does the Hepta Split in the movie, only Bora Ra sees the 7 elements, and with BoBoiBoy blinded by rage, he could have forgotten the two new elements (other being Solar) until it is rediscovered and properly introduced.
    • Another reason is due to BoBoiBoy Galaxy being a soft reboot.
  • The captain of the Space Pirates is revealed to be named "Captain Separo".
  • It's revealed that Cattus eats rattan wood.
  • This is the second time Gopal've been scratched by cat in BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Episode 4).
  • This is the first time Papa Zola've taken selfie in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
  • Power Sphera HookaBot revealed and wielded by Captain Separo.

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