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This is the third episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It aired on TV3 at December 9, 2016. The episode was also uploaded to Monsta's YouTube account on 16 December 2016.

Plot Edit


Differences with the Comic Version Edit

  • In the episode, Yaya and Ying call BoBoiBoy to warn him about the impending danger on Gopal. However, in the comic, only Ying is shown to be calling BoBoiBoy.
  • In the episode, the baby Gurunda Monster bites onto Gopal's lower arm, but in the comic, it bites onto Gopal's upper arm.
  • The comic shows that Ying uses her Time Manipulation on BoBoiBoy Lightning to help him slice the thorns shot by the mother Gurunda Monster. However, in the episode, Ying does not help him.
  • The comic shows that Yaya and BoBoiBoy Wind attack the Gurunda Monster simultaneously. However, in the episode, only BoBoiBoy Wind attacks the Gurunda Monster.
  • When Gopal and the baby Gurunda Monster are falling off a cliff, the mother Gurunda Monster yells "My baby!" in the episode, but in the comic, she yells "Anak aku!" ("My child!" in Malay).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first full episode that Monsta uploaded on YouTube.

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