Gopal dalam BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Gopal Kumar

Gopal Kumar, has the nicknamed Gopal, is one of the main characters in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.


  • Candy Cane Transformation (Tukaran Gula-Gula Pusing)
  • Food Transformation Blasts (Tembakan Makanan)
  • Spaghetti Transformation Barrage (Tembakan Spageti Makcik Kantin)
  • Cotton Candy Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Sniper Gula Kapas)
  • Bubble Gum Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Gula-Gula Getah)

These is an ability as he uses while driving his vehicle:

  • Food Transformation Blasts (Tembakan Makanan)

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy GalaxyEdit


Because of his powers, Gopal needs to be scared to use his powers which is very convenient since Gopal is already a coward. Though, he seems to be an opportunist, this is shown when he took Fang's photos and sell them to girls who appears to be the fans of Fang.

He is also a big fan of Papa Zola while the person he feared the most is his father, Mr.Kumar and his school's disciplinary teacher. He is always thinking about foods even when he's sleeping.


  • Gopal's race is Indian.
  • He is also one of two of BoBoiBoy's friends who voiced by older voice actor, the other is Ying (Yap Ee Jean).
  • Gopal's power increases whenever he becomes scared.