First appearance Unknown
Last appearance Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Character information
Aliases N/A
Powers Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eye Unknown
Species Alien Feline Cactus
Family Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Hobby Unknown

Cattus is an cat-line alien that resides at Planet Gurunda before joining TAPOPS as a member. Cattus first appears in Episode 3.

Story Edit

Cattus appears to BoBoiBoy and his friends in Episode 4, showing that it was a bit thirsty. Despite Gopal's protests to conserve water, BoBoiBoy offers his own drink to Cattus, causing the cat to warm up to him.

Personality Edit

Being a feline-like animal, Cattus behaves much like a cat on Earth would act, however more aggressive. Cattus is shown to be very affectionate to people who help taking care of it, most notably BoBoiBoy and Papa Zola. In a short time, Cattus was able to bond with BoBoiBoy and grew angry when he had taken a hit for it. Cattus also has a strong bond with BellBot, who hangs around its neck.

When it wants something, it makes cute eyes to beg for it. When it's angry, the thorns on its tail will stand up. Other times, Cattus can be moody, picking and choosing it's fights and not always jumping in when it needs to.

Abilities Edit

  • A natural ability that Cattus has is its ability to disguise itself as a cactus by burrowing underground, its tail acting as a cactus.
  • Size Enlargement - Due to being the 'owner' and defender of BellBot, Cattus has the power to super size itself to a monstrous size, usually when it's angry.

Trivia Edit

  • Its name Cattus is a combination of "cat" and "cactus".
  • Unlike Earth's cats, Cattus only eats rattan wood as revealed in Episode 5.
  • In Episode 12, Cici Ko reveals Cattus' gender to be male.
  • Cattus has a cushion plushie along with BoBoiBoy, Yaya and Ochobot.[1]

References Edit

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