BoBoiBoy Wind (Malay: BoBoiBoy Angin) is BoBoiBoy's wind-based form. In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, his color scheme is now blue instead of yellow, similar to his Wind emblem.



  • Wind Blast (Tolakan Angin)
  • Wind Spheres (Bebola Angin)


  • Cyclone Spin (Pusaran Angin)
  • Wind-Surf (Luncuran Angin)

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy Wind is evidently more different to how his counterpart in the original series looked like. In addition to being much taller and notably more mature as BoBoiBoy, BoBoiBoy Wind's new color scheme is now a vivid dark blue instead of yellow, probably to match the nature of his powers. He still retains the sideways cap, but on the right side, the wind element is clearly visible where the 'B' of BoBoiBoy's new logo should be. A notable difference from the other forms is that the armbands present on BoBoiBoy is moved up near BoBoiBoy Wind's elbows, being bright vivid blue. BoBoiBoy Wind is also the only Elemental Form to not wear a vest. BoBoiBoy Wind's vest has the Wind emblem on it, but his vest is zipped all the way, just like BoBoiBoy Leaf. He's the only element to change the position of BoBoiBoy's armbands, being on his elbows, in addition to being bright blue in coloration.


BoBoiBoy Wind seemed to has outgrown this trait and has a closer personality to BoBoiBoy's original cheerful persona and no longer seems intimidated of going into battle. BoBoiBoy Wind is probably BoBoiBoy's happy and playful persona, being the one who always seems happy regardless of the situation, despite sometimes feeling a little scared.

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