BoBoiBoy Water
Gelora BoBoiBoy Air
First appearance BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 1, Episode 17: The Surge of BoBoiBoy Water
Last appearance BoBoiBoy Galaxy Season 1, Episode 24: Finishing Radiation
Voiced by Nur Fathiah Diaz (Malay)
Character information
Aliases BoBoiBoy Air (Malay)
Powers Water Manipulation
Gender Male
Age 14
Hair Brown with white streak
Eye Brown
Species Human (Elemental Form)
Family Tok Aba (Grandfather)
Occupation Elemental Form
Hobby Unknown

BoBoiBoy Water (BoBoiBoy Air) is one of BoBoiBoy's elemental forms that can manipulate the water elemental power. He first appeared in The Surge of BoBoiBoy Water episode.


BoBoiBoy GalaxyEdit

BoBoiBoy Water makes his debut in The Surge of BoBoiBoy Water episode.


  • Wave Surf (Peluncur Ombak)
  • Water Stream (Alunan Air)
  • Giant Wave Slam (Tamparan Ombak Gergasi)
  • Geyser Blast/Geyser Shoot (Geiser Air)
  • Water Pressure (Tekanan Air)

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy Water is shown to be considerably more mature and taller but still has the same color scheme. He currently wears a long-sleeved cyan blue vest which is zipped all the way and the emblem of his main power can clearly be seen. He also wears a white shirt underneath with black pants, a blue belt and grey boots. However, unlike other elemental forms, he does not wear any armbands.


BoBoiBoy Water has completely outgrown any laziness he had when BoBoiBoy was younger. Instead, Water is now one of the most mature of the elemental forms, but retains his relaxed attitude. Water in personality is a polar opposite of BoBoiBoy Fire, who is more violent and aggressive. Water seems to also have a fondness for nature and was enjoying the scenery in a relaxed and calm matter.


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