BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is a historical simulation game based from BoBoiBoy Galaxy. The game was developed by Catlil, published by 8 Elements and in association with Koei. This game was released in Google Play Store.


BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is a casual action RPG mobile game for the popular 3D animated TV Series BoBoiBoy Galaxy which went live as Season 4 on November 25, 2016. Fight with the grown up teen gang of BoBoiBoy and his friends to collect power sphera in the entire galaxy and beat villains and monsters on your way as many many hunters have been trying to relocate and capture the power spheres for their own gains. To stop the power spheres from falling into the wrong hands, this RPG lets you play as young superhero BoBoiBoy and you first need to reunite your friends to form powerful teams to search and collect the power spheres from across the dangerous Universe. The Galaxy is your playground! Are you hero enough to help BoBoiBoy and his friends to save the entire galaxy?


  • Multi-language support including English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese
  • Casual action RPG mobile game
  • 3D Characters in a 3D world by Unity Engine 5
  • 5 planets to play on plus 1 final Boss planet
  • 60 stages in 6 different areas to defeat multiple villains
  • Numerous Battle Modes:
  • Turn-based Battle
  • Active Time Battle (ATB)
  • Quick Time Event (QTE) special attacks
  • Autosave every end of the battle
  • Daily quests and Daily rewards available
  • Train & evolve Monsters to make your team undefeatable
  • Collect 5 special Hero Characters with leader abilities
  • Fight ini PVP with others around the world


BoBoiBoy and FriendsEdit

  • BoBoiBoy
  • Yaya
  • Ying
  • Gopal
  • Fang

BoBoiBoy ElementsEdit

  • BoBoiBoy Earth
  • BoBoiBoy Wind
  • BoBoiBoy Lightning
  • BoBoiBoy Fire (New Character)
  • BoBoiBoy Leaf (New Character)
  • BoBoiBoy Water (New Character Soon)
  • BoBoiBoy Light (New Character Soon)

BoBoiBoy SpecialEdit

  • BoBoiBoy Metal Armor
  • BoBoiBoy Swamp Gun
  • BoBoiBoy Crystal Sword
  • BoBoiBoy Beast Scarf

Vilian Edit

  • Captain Separo

Planet RhodiumEdit

  • Miibot
  • Robobot
  • Flybot
  • Ironbot
  • Armbot
  • Gamerabot
  • Kraker

Planet ApayaEdit

  • Popo
  • Kwoky
  • Kroco
  • Nom Nom
  • Scopy
  • King Krooo
  • Popopo
  • Batbat
  • Hành củ hành

Planet AuroraEdit

  • Tita Miner
  • Lores
  • Tank Miner
  • Hulker
  • Scylla
  • Dracolith

Planet ZooloniaEdit

  • Mutt
  • Tiki
  • Hamrell
  • Billson
  • Mirrow
  • Bahree
  • Galant
  • J'Gear

Three Kingdoms Series (Characters Limited Edition)Edit

  • Zhang Liang
  • Li Si
  • Sima Yi (New Character)
  • Zhuge Liang (New Character)
  • Xun Yu (New Character Soon)
  • Cheng Yu (New Character Soon)
  • Cao Cao (New Character Soon)