BoBoiBoy Earth (Malay: BoBoiBoy Tanah) is BoBoiBoy's earth-based form. In BoBoiBoy Galaxy, his color scheme is now brown instead of red, similar to his Earth emblem.



  • Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah)
    • Multiple Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah, Bertubi-tubi)
  • Earth Barrier (Tanah Pelindung)
  • Earth Grip (Cengkaman Tanah)
  • Earth Smash (Tolakan Tanah)
  • Earth Wall (Tanah Pendinding)
  • Earth Sphere Barrier (Bebola Pelindung)


  • Earth Drift (Drifting Tanah)
  • Asteroid Boulder (Mampatan Tanah Asteroid)
    • Asteroid Strike (Serangan Tanah Asteroid)

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy Earth is noticeably more different to how his counterpart in the original series looked like. In addition to being much taller and notably more mature as BoBoiBoy, Earth new color scheme is now a brown, possibly to match his colors of his earth and ground related powers. Like the other forms, his pants are black. The position of his cap is the same, but on the back of the cap, the Earth emblem is clearly visible where the 'B' of BoBoiBoy's new logo should be. His vest is open all the way and the Earth emblem is visible on the left side of his chest. He's also the only element so far to keep the original color of BoBoiBoy's armbands, red.


Most of his leadership persona was heavily regressed, the other forms having gained their own acting independence and not quarreling with themselves, no longer needed BoBoiBoy Earth's constant presence as their functioning leader, but he still often takes charge when the situation presents itself. BoBoiBoy Earth is almost always present when BoBoiBoy preforms a Elemental Split, probably as a way to help control the other extreme personalities other forms bring to the table.

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