BoBoiBoy is the main protagonist of the series.

Physical AppearanceEdit

BoBoiBoy is small with brown eyes, light skin and black hair that pokes out from under his cap. He maintains this physical appearance throughout the series.

BoBoiBoy is currently 14 years old and he's getting taller. He wears a black shirt with elbow-length sleeves with blue jeans and orange vest with collar. He wears the black, white, and grey boots. He also wears his upgraded power watch, and the upgraded orange dinosaur-like cap.


He is shown to be very friendly and kind throughout the series. He is also brave and protective during battles. He likes playing football and video games with his friends, especially Gopal.

When split, each of his forms have different personalities, which are more pronounced when they are evolved. BoBoiBoy Lightning is short-tempered and serious and exceptionally fierce during battles. BoBoiBoy Wind is the more cheerful. BoBoiBoy Earth acts as the leader, being wise and calculating. BoBoiBoy Fire is a jokester and excitable, but easily stressed and often careless. BoBoiBoy Leaf is cheerful, naive and careless. Both elements are very powerful and know when to take their battles seriously.

Elemental FormsEdit

Main article: Elemental Forms

BoBoiBoy Lightning

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Petir
  • Main Ability: Lightning Blade (Pedang Petir)
  • Personality: Serious and short-tempered
  • First Appearance: Episode 1

BoBoiBoy Wind

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Angin
  • Main Ability: Wind Spheres (Bebola Angin)
  • Personality: Cheerful and playful
  • First Appearance: Episode 1

BoBoiBoy Earth

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Tanah
  • Main Ability: Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah)
  • Personality: Courageous and responsible
  • First Appearance: Episode 1

BoBoiBoy Fire

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Api
  • Main Ability: Flaming Punch (Tumbukan Berapi)
  • Personality: Shot-tempered, wrathful and vengeful
  • First Appearance: Episode 11

BoBoiBoy Water

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Air
  • Main Ability: Wave Surf (Peluncur Ombak)
  • Personality: TBA
  • First Appearance: Episode 17

BoBoiBoy Leaf

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Daun
  • Main Ability: Stunning Shuriken Leaf (Lontaran Daun Kebas dan Kejang)
  • Personality: Cheerful, naive and careless
  • First Appearance: Episode 5

Evolved FormsEdit

These transformations are much more powerful, evolved from BoBoiBoy's split-out versions. Each of the seven BoBoiBoys had changed their clothing styles, new powers and even their personalities.

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Halilintar
  • Main Power: Thunder Blade (Pedang Halilintar)
  • First Appearance: Episode 14

BoBoiBoy Cyclone

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Taufan
  • Main Power: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA

BoBoiBoy Quake

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Gempa
  • Main Power: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA

BoBoiBoy Blaze

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Blaze
  • Main Power: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA

BoBoiBoy Ice

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Ais
  • Main Power: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA

BoBoiBoy Thorn

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Thorn
  • Main Power: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA

BoBoiBoy Solar

  • Original Name: BoBoiBoy Solar
  • Main Power: TBA
  • First Appearance: TBA

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